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Does having more than one driver affect my policy?

Yes, it may affect the price of your policy.

If you’re a black box customer (New Driver or Private Car Telematics), please note that as clever as our black box is, it can’t distinguish one driver from another – so the driving behaviour of other named drivers will affect your Driving Style Score.

If you’re an app based customer (Better Driver) then there is an app for named drivers too, details will be sent to them via email when you go through the app set-up process. If this is done part-way through the policy year then you can add them using the app. Your app will notify you to add their details once our systems have logged it. Get in touch if you need any help getting a named driver paired.

Please note all named driver journey scores will add to yours to create your overall weekly Driving Style Score, but they aren’t eligible for rewards.

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