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How private is the data recorded by my black box?

This is something we take very seriously, and we’re clear on one thing – the data that goes to create your Driving Style Score is yours. Primarily, it’s there to help us to help you become a better, safer and well rewarded driver.

We will use your data in your favour if, for example, another driver is trying to make a false claim about you. (Remember that we will also be able to use it as evidence against anyone insured by Carrot being naughty and trying to submit a false insurance claim too!)

We’re also very clear that we won’t:

  • Release your data to the police or to any civil authorities, unless we suspect fraud or attempted fraud, or if we are instructed to do so by law or a court order
  • Use your data in a ‘big brother’ kind of way to tell anyone about where you are or what you’re doing. If you do have an occasional lapse and exceed the speed limit, you can rest assured that it goes no further than affecting your Driving Style score
  • Use your data to prejudice or refuse any claim you might make simply because you were driving above the legal speed limit at the time

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