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I’ve received an email that says my journeys aren’t recording – what do I do?

You may have received an email if we think some of the journeys you’re making aren’t being captured by the Better Driver app.

We may have noticed this if there is lower mileage being recorded than you first declared when you purchased the policy, inconsistent updates from your app, lack of updates from your app or inconsistent start and end locations for your journeys.

To make sure you’re getting the most out of your policy, make sure you always keep the below steps in mind:

  • Remain logged in to the Better Driver app and ensure it is running at all times
  • Ensure your mobile device is connected to your car whenever you are driving the car
  • Set your location services to ‘always’ for the Better Driver app
  • Ensure you have a mobile data connection or access to Wi-Fi
  • Ensure your mobile device’s Bluetooth is on at all times

You’ll need to keep the above in mind even when you aren’t driving your car.

It’s important to remember not to hard close the Better Driver app at any point. This will stop the app functioning and you won’t receive any weekly treats. This may also result in an increased excess if you have an accident where the journey hasn’t recorded.

My phone has power-save mode – does this affect the app?

Power save (or bed-time mode) reduces the functionality of the Better Driver app (and most other apps, including Instagram!). It can affect location services, and Bluetooth. Avoid using these functions to ensure your Better Driver app records correctly.

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