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About Carrot

Our mission

When we launched in 2012, we had one simple goal – to encourage safe driving with the use of rewards, making the roads safer for everyone. Our clever use of telematics helps us to continue to meet and evolve this goal.

Carrot's history

When Kamran heard the news on 1st January 2007 that his 18-year-old son had died in a car accident, his worst fears were realised. Later that month, he decided to embark on a mission to help reduce the number of accidents involving young people. In 2009, Kamran met Nick Corrie and Alan Cottrill and they decided Kamran’s mission could be realised with the aid of telematics – together they founded Trak Global, which launched Carrot Insurance in 2012.

Carrot values

In everything we do, we aim to:

Make the roads a safer place

Keep costs low for all insured drivers

Support and reward customers for driving safely

Our awards

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