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How do you feel behind the wheel?

For World Mental Health Day, we asked Carrot customers about how driving affects their wellbeing, and vice versa.

Over 1,000 of you responded to our survey.

Thank you – it’s great to see so many people taking mental health seriously.

Here's what we found:

56% of you said the way you feel has an effect on the way you drive.

16% said stress caused by driving affects other areas of their lives, such as work or personal relationships.

The most common cause of stress at the wheel is aggressive drivers (65%).

But most of you say driving makes you feel calm (64%) or happy (40%).

Ways to avoid stress & anxiety at the wheel

Leaving yourself an extra 5 or 10 minutes for traffic will help you avoid feeling rushed.

Plan your route in advance – check the route beforehand to work out where you need to go.

Ignore bad drivers – just focus on the road, and don’t let other drivers’ behaviour affect you.

Don’t drive tired / hungover – if in doubt, ask a friend or family member to help, or take public transport.

Remember – if you’re struggling with your mental health, there is always help available.

Our agents are here to help should you have any queries regarding your policy. Click here to chat to us.

As part of Carrot’s goal to encourage safe driving they have partnered with The Driving Doctor programme to support red week policy holders and help them get back on track.

Through interactive guides and videos, The Driving Doctor addresses issues that new drivers face on the roads and educates them on how to deal with them. It also helps them to understand how their emotions play a big part in advancing their personal driving safety.

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