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Find out more about how Carrot are supporting customers, particularly critical key workers during the COVID-19 pandemic

Carrot Insurance has announced a raft of measures intended to assist its customers during Covid-19, Insurance Age can reveal.

The measures would help key workers stay on the road.

Andrew Brown-Allan, director at Carrot Insurance, commented: “The insurance industry has been under a lot of pressure in recent weeks, but at Carrot we’re on the front foot and trying to do what we can to help proactively.

“With the support of our major insurer partners, we can give extra assistance to our customers who need their cars for essential work”.


The measures announced by Carrot Insurance today (9 April) include:

  • Free increases in annual mileage allowances.
  • Automatic cover for customers who are doing voluntary work in their cars.
  • Free commuting cover for workers who usually take public transport to work, but now need to drive and don’t have the required commuting cover.
  • Automatic cover for workers who need to get to multiple places of work during Covid-19.
  • Help for financially vulnerable customers.
  • Measures to help customers who are stuck abroad with their car and can’t get back to the UK.

Brown-Allan continued: “The insurance industry has been criticised for inflexibility, but our approach is to continuously look for ways to make life easier for our customers wherever possible.

“We can do this because all our customers are using telematics devices which provide us with data that helps us identify where support is needed.”


The news follows reports that two US insurers will return $800m (£644m) in car insurance premiums to customers because they are driving less during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Pressure is growing on UK insurers to follow suit.

Brown-Allan added: “The crisis has demonstrated that traditional insurance can not only be flat-footed when the situation is changing daily, but most insurers are also working blind – they simply don’t connect with their customers like we do.

“The Covid-19 crisis is going to change the way that consumers look at motor insurance. In future, they simply won’t want to pay for cars that sit on driveways for most of the week. I’m confident we’ll see a surge in demand for usage-based insurance products.”

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