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Carrot’s top tips for driving in Winter

Road conditions in Winter can be more challenging so we’ve put together some top tips to help you stay safe:

1. Allow extra time
Allow extra time before you set off to de-ice your car, check fuel levels and warm up your car before you start your journey.

2. Take it slow
Winter driving conditions can mean the roads could be covered in snow and ice. Take it slow and remember to consider a longer stopping distance, mild braking and gentle manoeuvres.

3. Wear sensible shoes
Wear dry shoes that won’t slip, or maybe keep some dry ones in your car if you’ve been out and about.

4. Know how to recover if you skid on black ice
If you lose control of the car, remember to stay calm, keep both hands on the wheel and avoid braking. It’s also important that if you skid, you steer into the skid so you can regain control of the car and get back on track.

5. Prepare for all conditions
It’s not just icy conditions  you might be facing, wind and rain can also cause troubling driving conditions. Make sure you drive slowly, keep both hands on the wheel and use your windscreen wipers to help with vision.

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