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Category: Black box

What is telematics?

‘Telematics’ is just another word for the technology we use to record your journeys… Read more ›

What data does the black box record?

The black box records your journeys and information about how you’ve been driving. This… Read more ›

How private is the data recorded by my black box?

We’re serious about privacy. The data recorded by your black box remains private.

Can I be insured before my box is installed?

Yes, you are insured from your policy start date. You need to make sure… Read more ›

Is there an additional cost for the black box?

No. The device, plus installation and data costs, is included with your Carrot policy… Read more ›

When is the box installed?

We’ll contact you to ensure your black box is installed within 2 weeks of the policy start date.

What do I need to do when the installation technician comes to fit my black box?

Everything you need to know about having your black box fitted.

Can the black box be fitted to all cars?

Yes. The installation and activation of your black box is quick and easy, and… Read more ›

If I have an accident and the black box is damaged, do I need to pay for a new one?

The cost of the a new black box would be classed as a repair… Read more ›

What does a black box policy include?

Our traditional black box policy is called New Driver and is aimed at inexperienced… Read more ›

What is a New Driver policy?

A New Driver policy is aimed at inexperienced or new drivers and requires a… Read more ›

What if I change my car?

If you change your car, just let us know as soon as possible so… Read more ›

How much can I earn in cash rewards with Carrot?

Please note if your policy started after the 5th October 2017 then you will… Read more ›

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