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Category: Driving Style Score

All about your Driving Style Scores

Everything you need to know about your scores and how they affect your policy.

How is my Driving Style Score calculated?

The black box we install in your car records your journeys and tells us… Read more ›

What information can I see on driving style?

The dashboard and app provide various insights into your driving style, and where you can improve.

What does speed, smoothness and usage mean?

Speed, smoothness and usage scores all contribute to your overall Driving Style Score.

How does my Driving Style Score affect my rewards?

A higher Driving Style Score means more rewards and a cheaper renewal quote for you.

What if my driving style score is negative?

If your Driving Style Score is low, you may be missing out on rewards and your policy could eventually be cancelled.

What does my Driving Style Score start at?

In year one it starts at zero and will reset to zero every Monday… Read more ›

I think my score is wrong. What can I do?

Talk to us on LiveChat or send us a message on Facebook or Twitter… Read more ›

My parents would like to see my driving style info – can I share it with them?

You’re free to share your Driving Style info with your parents, but you don’t have to.

How much can I earn in cash rewards with Carrot?

Please note if your policy started after the 5th October 2017 then you will… Read more ›

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