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Better Driver Android app updates

We have a series of planned software releases to support the Better Driver app in its performance across all customer phone handsets. Below you find information on the most recent releases. 

3.2.8 – October 2020 

This release aims to improve the granular detail captured on each journey and helps the users ensure the phone settings are correct for the app to work properly. 

What changes will I see? 

Visually there is only one change to the app on this release, and that is the app icon that sits on the handset homepage has been revised. Below is some more information on the changes that have taken place in the background: 

Due to GPS and location updates we should now be able to see hugely improved journey tracking and there should be no missing journeys. We encourage customers to open the app each morning to check their score and to ensure any configurations can take place in advance of a journey being made, to allow for accurate capture. 

There will be clearer guidance within the app on how to configure power and location services to get the most out of the app. For us to accurately show your journeys we need to ensure we can interpret your journey data correctly on our system. The app will now also guide users on the settings required within the power function of the phone, to allow continuous use of the app. 

Previously we have had some issues with the app collecting the correct level of details on certain phone handsets. We have improved the compatibility on this release to ensure as many handsets are included as possible. 

Naturally phone manufacturers always want us to have the best battery life possible on our phones. However, in order to accommodate this the phone usually wants to shut down any apps that aren’t in use. As our app sits in the background it appears to not be being used, but it is just sitting idle waiting for a journey to take place. This release tells the phone that having the app on is critical and should stop it from being closed. 

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