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How do I remove a Carrot Wingman from the inside of my car?

To safely remove a Wingman from the inside of your vehicle we recommend the following steps:

Step 1 – If the weather is cold we would recommend letting your windscreen heat up a little to aid removal

Step 2 – Next twist the Wingman, the sticky pad will crumble and then allow you to gently pull it off

Step 3 – The Wingman does not need to be returned to us. But it also must not be put in a household waste bin because it is an electrical product. Instead please dispose of it at a battery recycling centre. To find a local recycling centre click here and select ‘General WEEE’

Step 4 – Have you received a new Wingman? If so, please follow the instructions within the package to get connected and attach as directed. If your policy has come to an end, thank you for choosing us for your insurance, we’re sorry to see you go

Please use LiveChat during our opening hours to contact us for further help with a Wingman unit.


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