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We hope you'll find the answer to any question you might have below but if not, drop us an email to or message us on Facebook and we’ll get right back to you. Alternatively, just give us a call on 0333 355 1725 and we’ll do our best to help.

Better Driver

What is Better driver?

Carrot’s Better Driver is a brand new kind of car insurance which includes a clever little app that uses the very latest technology to provide drivers with two or more years driving experience with affordable car insurance while rewarding them with a weekly treat for simply being a ‘Better Driver’.

How does Better Driver work?

When you buy your Carrot Better Driver policy you will receive a welcome email from us which contains a unique verification code which links your better driver policy to your phone handset.

You have 24 hours from purchasing the policy to download and activate the app with this verification code as your insurance may be cancelled if you don’t. The quicker you download the app, the sooner you can start earning your weekly treats too!

Once you have activated the Carrot Better Driver app it’s important that you take your phone with you and switched on for every car journey (safely stored in your bag or pocket of course) as your phone now acts like a ‘black box’.


The price you pay for your insurance is discounted on the basis that you agree to share your driving data with your insurer for every journey you make in your car. It is therefore a policy condition that you keep you phone with you when driving – any accidents which occur during any journeys when the app isn’t running will be subject to an additional excess – please see your policy booklet for full details.

The Better Driver App

The Better Driver app is a clever bit of technology which uses ‘telematics’ which measures acceleration, braking, swerving, and the number and length of journeys that you make.

Once the app is activated, it will transmit your Driving Style data to us every time you make a journey; you'll then be able to your view how well you are driving and find out which Treat you can expect if you are driving well in your own, personalised, secure area of the Better Driver app called ‘my dashboard’.

The app will consume about 4MB of data per month (based on average use of 10,000 miles per year). Higher mileage users should find the app consumes a small fraction of even the most limited mobile phone data plan.

Where do I download the Better Driver app from?

The app is free to download from the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store.

How do I log into the Better Driver App?

You’ll be sent log in credentials for the App via the Welcome email we send you when you purchase your policy. Enter these into the App and follow the on screen instructions to complete the registration process and unlock the App features.

I haven’t received my welcome e-mail, so can’t register the Better Driver app, what do I do?

Drop us an email to or message us on Facebook and we’ll get right back to you. Alternatively, just give us a call on 0333 355 1725.

Earning Treats

We are all about rewarding safe and responsible driving here at Carrot. If you maintain a ‘green’ driving style score over a consecutive seven day period you will receive a weekly ‘Treat’ on the following Monday as a thank you for driving safely. Think of it as a little bit of recognition for being brilliant.

I’ve had a green driving style score for seven days, how do I get my treat?

If you have had a ‘green’ driving style score for seven consecutive days, your weekly Treat will magically appear in your Carrot Better driver app. Most Treats are claimed by showing the code shown on your app screen in the relevant store, some require you to enter the code on the retailer’s own website. The notification we send you with your Treat will explain how to redeem.

How often can I earn Treats with Carrot Better Driver?

You have the opportunity to earn one treat every Monday for having a positive driving style score for seven consecutive days following the start of your cover with Carrot. There’s a different Treat up for grabs every week – so check the app or our website every week to find out more about this week’s Treat.

How do I keep a check on my driving style score?

It couldn’t be simpler! Go to the ‘My dashboard’ tab in the Better Driver app to see instantly how you are doing and if you are driving well, which Treat is coming your way!


What is ‘Telematics’?

Put simply, telematics is the transmission of data over long distances using a device similar in size to a mobile phone, and using similar technology to a mobile phone to relay information to a computer. A number of insurance providers, like Carrot, have introduced this technology to help create a new type of low-cost car insurance for young drivers.

Telematics technology has been around for a few years now, but to date has mainly been used for brand new driver insurance policies. At Carrot we wanted to find a way to bring some of the benefits of telematics, such as cheaper premiums and fantastic rewards, to more experienced drivers. After many years of late nights and hard work by our amazing app team – we’re proud to be able to introduce you to the Better Driver mobile app.

What data does the Carrot Better Driver app record?

The app transmits data about various aspects of your driving style, such as location, speed, acceleration, braking, cornering, swerving and usage patterns. We then translate this data into a Driving Style Score measured against Smoothness, Speed and Usage.

The app will report on your phone’s location every 4 hours even when you are not driving, this is only to make sure that the app is on and functioning in accordance with the policy wording and we will not use this data other than to ensure your app’s continued functionality.

Will my insurance be at risk if I break the speed limits?

Minor incidences of excess speed will certainly have a negative effect on your Driving Style score, and mean you fail to earn yourself some weekly Treats. Persistent and excessive speeding will not only really harm your score and endanger others, but in really extreme cases it might lead to us cancelling your insurance policy if your speeding behaviour is poor enough to give you a consistently red score.

If I have changed my smartphone do I have to re-install the Better Driver app?

Yes – you’ll need to download the Better Driver app from either the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store and enter the credentials we emailed you with your Welcome Pack. You’ll be asked to go through the app set up process again and you may need to repair the app with your Bluetooth signal in your car – just follow the in-app instructions and you can’t go wrong.

Can the Better Driver app be installed on all phones?

The app is only available on Apple iOS or Android devices.

Named Drivers

If I have named drivers on my policy do they have to install the app?

Yes. Any journeys undertaken by you or the named drivers will incur an additional £500 excess if you have an accident without the Better Driver operating, so it’s important your named drivers use the app.

I’d like to add a named driver to my policy how do I do it?

Contact carrot insurance on 0333 355 1725

How does my named driver install the app?

Once you have added the named driver to your insurance policy the named will appear in the named driver section of your app. Then you need to enter the email address of your named driver – they will then be sent the instructions they need to download and log into the app.

Will named drivers earn their own treats?

No. Treats are only available to the policyholder - but the additional driver’s driving style will contribute to the overall score which is used to determine the policyholder’s treat


What effect does having more than one driver insured on the car have on the way my policy works?

Whilst it may have an effect on your premium, it is possible to have multiple named drivers on your policy. The driving behaviour of the other named insured drivers will affect your Driving Style score.

How do you calculate my insurance premium?

To calculate the price of your annual insurance premium, we need to use some of the standard risk/rating factors applied by our industry - including your type of car, driving experience and where you live. After this, as long as your policy details remain the same, your premium will not go up for the rest of your policy year, unless you choose to buy any Top-Up miles.

Why am I asked to specify how many miles I expect to cover during the year?

The theory is that the more miles you travel, the greater the chance of you being involved in an accident, so the higher your annual premium is likely to be. We know that it can be hard to predict your mileage –so within the first 30 days from the start of your policy you can buy additional miles at the same price as when you first purchased your policy.

What do I do if I find I need to increase the annual mileage covered by my policy?

It's easy to buy Top-Up miles if you think you're going to need more than the annual mileage you stated when you took out your policy. Just give our friendly Customer Services team a call, and they'll quote you the additional cost for the Top-Up miles you need.

To give our customers the fairest possible deal on their car insurance, we use your Driving Style score to calculate the rate that your Top-Up miles should be charged at – so once again with Carrot, it pays to be a safe, responsible driver.

If I go over my annual mileage and forget to buy Top-Up miles, what happens?

Don't worry. Before you reach the annual mileage you stated when you took out your policy, our Customer Service team will contact you with a reminder, and you can buy your Top-Up miles over the phone there and then – you could even pay using your Carrot Card and the balance of any cash rewards you might have earned. If you go over your stated annual mileage and carry on driving for too long without topping-up, bear in mind that your policy could become invalid and get cancelled.

Can my insurance go up in price?

In short, no! The annual premium you pay when you take out your policy is fixed for the entire policy year, providing your details remain the same. In fact, by driving responsibly and improving your Driving Style score, you'll contribute to a lower renewal premium for your cover for the following year.

How does my driving data affect my premium?

The data that gets used to calculate your Driving Style score has no effect on the premium that we committed to when you took out your car insurance policy with us. With Carrot, your premium will not go up, giving you total peace of mind. The good news is that your Driving Style score will be used to determine the level of weekly Treats you will earn, and the price which we will offer you for the renewal of your insurance for the following year.

Can I pay by monthly instalments?

Yes, you can either pay your insurance for the year in full with a single payment, or, subject to normal credit checks, by monthly instalments. Our finance is provided by Close Brothers Premium Finance and is available at a competitive 33.6% APR, making our monthly payments more affordable. Full terms and conditions are available on request by emailing

Will I find Carrot on price comparison websites?

Yes - as more and more motorists looking for car insurance choose to make these kind of websites their first port of call, we want to make sure that as many people as possible have the opportunity to see what Carrot has to offer.

Quotes that I've had from different insurance providers vary a lot - why?

This can be quite complex to explain, for all kinds of reasons. Car insurers generally use lots of different 'rating factors' to determine the annual premiums they offer. The major rating factors are your age, driving experience, where you live, the car you drive and what you use the car for. Insurers also factor in things like accident trends, costs of repair and compensation claims to calculate their premiums. Insurers offer different prices due to their own experience with certain rating factors and, to be frank, based on how much profit they want to make! As a result, the number of different pricing combinations is almost infinite, and because of this no one insurer can possibly be the cheapest or most expensive option for every driver.

Refreshingly, Carrot is different to most other insurers – whilst we use some of the traditional rating factors to determine the cost of your first year's policy with us (and then apply a healthy discount to recognise that you've taken a responsible approach), for subsequent years the Driving Style scores you've achieved mean that we can price your insurance on exactly how you've driven, rather than how other people that are similar to you, or have similar cars, have driven. In summary, drive safely and responsibly, pay less for your insurance. That's got to be the fairest way, right?

No Claims Discount

What is a No Claims Discount (NCD)?

Insurance companies usually offer a No Claims Discount (or 'No Claims Bonus') to customers for each year that they're insured without making a claim. Inevitably, young drivers pay a higher price until they have a number of years driving experience behind them. But with Carrot, we aim to put money back into the pockets of the best drivers with driving style discounts and Treats based on how they drive, not just discounts for how long they've been driving without making a claim.

What happens to the No Claims Discount (NCD) I've earned so far?

Carrot recognises NCD in the normal way, like any insurer.

Can I earn No Claims Discount with Carrot Better Driver?

Yes, and we'll apply this when calculating your renewal premium. Even better, you can help to drive down the future cost of your insurance even further by driving safely and improving your Driving Style score, and you'll be able to track your progress by checking your app.

Policy Information

Can I be insured before the app is installed?

From the point your cover starts you have 24 hours to successfully download and go through the set up procedure in the Carrot Better Driver app. If you do not go through this process within the 24 hours your policy may be cancelled. You can’t start to earn your weekly treats until this is done either! Follow the simple steps on the app or watch the helpful video tutorial on the homepage for more info.

How do I get my policy documents?

Thanks to a change in legislation in 2011, we can now send out your cover note, policy document and other important documents to you electronically, via email when you take out your policy. Your certificate of motor insurance will be e-mailed to you once you have purchased your policy.

What if I change my car?

Contact Carrot insurance on 0333 355 1725 and we will provide you with a quotation based on your new vehicle based on the remaining policy period.

If you choose to go ahead with the change of vehicle we will email you with revised insurance documentation.

Once we have added your new vehicle to your policy, your Carrot Better Driver app will automatically reset. You will then need to go through the set-up process again with your app in your new vehicle, in order to send us the photos of your new vehicle and pair it correctly with your Bluetooth system.

What if my new car does not have Bluetooth?

No problem! Once you have changed your vehicle, our Customer Service team will be able to help you order a Wingman for your new car.

What if i want to cancel the policy?

Contact Carrot insurance on 0333 355 1725 to cancel your policy

You will be charged an administration fee and if you haven’t had a claim during the policy you will receive a refund of premium for the time remaining in the policy year. Full details of our fees can be found in our terms and conditions and in your policy wording.

Can I insure a modified car with Carrot Better Driver?

Unfortunately we do not insure vehicles that have been modified in any way from the manufacturer’s specification. This is because they make your car much more attractive to thieves.

Standard specification cars are always the best bet if you're looking for lower insurance costs.

If your car has been modified for your disability call us on 0333 355 1725 and our helpful advisers will be happy to discuss a quotation with you.

Can I get insured if I don't own the car?

You must be either the owner or the registered keeper of the vehicle in order to insure it.

I am not going to be the main driver of my vehicle. Can I still purchase this policy?

This policy requires the policyholder to be the main driver of the vehicle. If this is not the case please contact us to discuss.

Am I covered for driving outside of the UK?

Yes. Take a look at your policy wording for full details of what kind of cover you have for driving overseas.

During the period you are driving overseas you will not be eligible to earn any weekly treats or be a risk of cancellation for poor driving scores because any journeys you make will not count towards your overall driving style score.

Do you provide breakdown cover and what does it include?

You can take out optional breakdown cover with Carrot in addition to your main car insurance policy, and our partner, Call Assist, provides this. Full details of the level of cover on offer can be found in the standard Breakdown Policy Wording.

Can I take out legal expenses cover with Carrot?

Yes, you can – and the great news is that we can add this to your insurance policy for just £22! This helps you to recover your uninsured losses if you have an accident that isn't your fault, and really helps to give you peace of mind. Full details of the level of cover on offer can be found in the standard Legal Expenses Cover Wording.

What happens if I get a crack in my windscreen?

Windscreen cover is included within your Carrot Insurance policy, so just ring our approved partners, Auto Windscreen, on 0800 587 6817 and they'll arrange to repair or replace your windscreen at the earliest opportunity.

What should I do if I'm involved in an accident?

First, don't panic! Our Claims Team will be at the end of the line to help you and talk you through the process on 0333 355 2990, and our Claims Line is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Is a free courtesy car provided if my car is damaged in an accident and needs repairing?

Subject to availability, if your car can be repaired a free courtesy car will be provided to you, provided your car is repaired by one of our Approved Repair centres.

What do I do if I think my car has been stolen?

If this happens, first call the Police, give them the details and get a Crime Reference Number from them. Next, call us to report the theft and make a claim on your insurance on 0333 355 2990

How does Carrot use my personal details?

We take data protection very seriously, and only use the personal information that you provide to us to help us manage your insurance policy. This includes sharing it with insurers and our data analysis partners, as well as handling claims and issuing policy documents to you. Information relating to you and your insurance policy may also be used or shared to help prevent fraud, but that's it – no sharing it with third parties that are going to spam your inbox or bombard your letterbox!

How do I get my Driving Licence Counterpart?

Nobody likes feeling flustered when making an application so, to help you, a hot tip is to have the following handy:

How to get a DVLA licence 'check code' to share your online counterpart with us

Now for the really important steps…

The screen will update to look like this (and is not the online counterpart we need):

Government Driving License Infomation

Your DVLA licence check code will expire after 21 days, so it’s important to send it to Carrot promptly along with the docs we need.

Government Driving License Infomation

You can send your online counterpart to us…

Why is my policy being cancelled for ‘Extreme Driving Behaviour’?

If we detect via the Better Driver App that you have driven in a dangerous and/ or illegal manner, then you will have breached the conditions of your Carrot Insurance policy. Therefore in accordance with the Terms and Conditions of your policy we will automatically give you a seven-day notice of cancellation. When you received your policy documentation, you were informed that if we detected that you or any named driver of the insured vehicle has driven in a dangerous and/or illegal manner, that we reserve the right to cancel your policy in accordance with General Condition 6 – Cancellation. Please see your policy wording for more information on this Cancellation clause.

Driving Style Scores

What does my Driving Style score start at when I'm a new customer?

Your better driver policy starts with a zero score. The maximum possible score is plus 10 and the worst possible score is minus 10. Every Monday at midday, your score resets to zero as Treats are calculated on an individual week’s worth of driving. So if you have a bad week don’t worry, you can always start fresh on Monday afternoon.

How is my Driving Style score calculated?

The Better Driver app collects and sends us information about your driving style. It measures things like acceleration, braking, swerving, and the number and length of journeys that you make. We then take this data and place it into three categories – Speed, Smoothness and Usage – that are then combined to give you an overall Driving Style score. And it's this score that gives you the opportunity to earn weekly treats for driving safely and responsibly.

If you like, you can check your Driving Style score, and how it's made up, for every journey you make by logging onto your very own secure, personalised area of the Better Driver app ('My Dashboard').

What information will I be able to see about my Driving Style?

Based on the data transmitted by the Carrot Better Driver app, you'll be able to check how every single journey you make affects your Driving Style score by logging into your secure, personalised Dashboard in the app. In addition to seeing how many miles you've travelled whilst insured with Carrot, you'll be able to look at your Driving Style score for that week.

What do you mean by Speed, Smoothness and Usage, and how do you calculate my Driving Style score?

Right, time to get a bit technical and scientific! We want to be as transparent as possible and make sure you know how your Driving Style score is calculated, and give you all the information you need to see how you could improve it with every journey you make. So, here we go:

A Journey starts when you pair to your vehicle’s Bluetooth® , so if you stop and turn the engine off, for example to collect friend A whilst on your way to friend B's house, then this will count as two journeys – one from your start point to A and one from A to B. Got it?

Each Overall Journey Score is calculated from a blend of the scores recorded for each of our three Driving Style score measures – Smoothness, Speed and Usage, and each of these is weighted when it comes to calculating your Overall Driving Style score.

Smoothness, unsurprisingly, measures how smoothly you drive! Your App can detect any sharp acceleration, braking or deceleration, changes in direction, & also up and down movement. We then calculate your Smoothness score depending on how often (on a per mile basis) and how severe these instances are for any given journey. The smoother you driver, the better your score will be – and as with all other aspects of your Driving Style score, the higher the number you achieve, the better you're doing. The scoring range that we use is from -10 up to +10.

Speed, stating the obvious, is a measure of how fast you drive. We measure your speed compared with the Speed Limit for each stretch of road.

Finally, Usage measures three aspects of how and when you use your car. These are Time of Day, Journey Volume & Journey Duration. Starting with Time of Day, your Usage score is affected negatively if you make a journey that starts any time between 11pm and 5am, recognising that accidents are unfortunately more frequent and severe at night. Journey Volume affects your score depending on how many previous journeys you've made have started in the preceding 24 hours – below seven will have no effect on your score, but each journey over seven will affect your score negatively. Finally, Journey Duration looks at the length of each journey, with trips lasting over two hours having a negative impact on your score.

Your Overall Driving Style Score is calculated from your Overall Journey Score for each journey you make. This is weighted to take account of the length of each journey, so a journey of twenty miles counts ten times as much as a journey of two miles.

How does my Driving Style score affect the amount of Treats I can earn?

An improvement on your Driving Style starting score is your ticket to weekly Treats and a cheaper renewal quote for the following year's insurance from Carrot. Your Driving Style score is calculated using the data collected by Carrot Better Driver app in your car.

At the end of every week from your policy start date we'll compare your current Driving Style score with your starting score and give you weekly treat at Mid day on Monday if you have had a positive driving style score for seven consecutive days.

When it's time to renew your policy with Carrot, your renewal premium will be based on the overall Driving Style score you've achieved throughout the year - the better the score, the lower the price you'll pay.

What if I only achieve a low Driving Style score?

Don't worry too much, as with Carrot you're not at risk of your premium going up mid-term – if your details remain the same, the cost of your insurance will stay exactly at the price you paid when you took out your policy. It just means that the amount weekly Treats you can earn by improving your Driving Style score will be restricted. In extreme cases of repeated dangerous driving – shown in the app by a consistently red score week after week, we reserve the right to cancel your policy.

I'm not sure about some of the Driving Style information on My Dashboard, what should I do?

Whatever it is, just pick up the phone to our Customer Services team on 0333 355 1725 and we'll be more than happy to talk through any queries you might have.

How private is the data that's generated by the Carrot Better Driver app?

This is something we take very seriously, and we're clear on one thing – the data that goes to create your Driving Style score is yours. Primarily, it's there to help us to help you become a better driver, a safer driver, and a driver with extra treats in their pockets for choosing to use the roads responsibly.

We will use your data in your favour if, for example, another driver is trying to make a false claim about you or to validate information we have been provided by you or other third parties involved in the accident.

We will never:

The Root